HEALING HERBS based on the ancient science of Ayurveda.


Kapha types are prone to weakened immunity, sluggish bowels (constipation), fatigue, frequent colds from excess mucous, blood sugar dysfunction.


AJOWAN SEED- support for slow digestion & sluggishness. Energy support via its effects on the nervous system.

CLOVES BUD- for sparking the digestive fire (agni) & immune support.

KALAMEGHA (ANDROGRAPHIS)- digestive & detoxification support due to its bitter qualities.

SHILAJIT- powerful blood sugar support, reproductive support & immune support.

VARUNA BARK- improves lymph stagnation through supporting drainage & sluggishness. 

VACHA (CALAMUS ROOT)- supports mental clarity & removal of mental sluggishness, digestive support.

CARDAMOM- supports clearing of mucous & sluggish bowels.

TRIPHALA- staple in Ayurveda for all doshas, antioxidant support, immune support.

FENNEL- nervous system support, digestive support by kindling digestive fire (agni).


"Kapha" (sanskrit) कफ The dosha associated with earth and water. Possesses the qualities of heaviness, dampness, coolness, grounding, stagnation, empathy, caring, softness, denseness, dullness. Issues may arise for kapha types such as a weak immune system, chronic colds, slow or weak digestion, lethargy, and fatigue, hyperglycemia.

KAPHA: Ayurvedic Supplement for Immune, Energy, Digestive, Detox Support