HEALING HERBS based on the ancient science of Ayurveda.


Pitta types are prone to inflammation, skin disorders like acne & rosacea, early greying of the hair, inflammatory bowel diseases, & migraines.


BHRINGRAJ LEAF- cooling herb used for its effects on hair health & tension reduction of nervous system.

KALAMEGHA (ANDROGRAPHIS)- liver & detox support due to its bitter qualities.

CHRYSANTHEMUM FLOWER- calming inflammation support of the skin, nerves, & digestion.

MUSTAKA (CYPERUS ROOT)- used in Ayurveda to support inflamed bowels & liver detoxification.

SANDALWOOD ROOT- for inflammation of the digestion, skin & nerves. Cooling & astringent.

TRIVRIT (OPERCULINA TURPETHUM)- skin, liver & digestion support. Known for its use in hemorrhoids & bowel stagnation.  

CHINESE MINT- cooling & soothing herb for lifting tension and stagnant heat in the body & digestion.

TRIPHALA- staple in Ayurveda for all doshas, antioxidant support, immune support.

FENNEL- nervous system support, digestive support by kindling digestive fire (agni).


"Pitta" (sanskrit) पित्त The dosha associated with fire and water. Possesses the qualities of heat, energy, action, ambition, structure, rigidity, concentration, consumption, forward-moving, vitality. Issues may arise for Pitta types such as inflammatory diseases, skin diseases, inflamed & dysregulated bowels, liver toxicity, acne, diarrhea, ulcers.

PITTA: Ayurvedic Supplement for Inflammation, Detox, Liver, Skin Support