Soothing ingredients that support inflammation relief, sensitive skin, and bowel discomfort.


"Pitta" (sanskrit) पित्त

The dosha associated with fire and water. Posesses the qualities of heat, energy, action, ambition, structure, rigidity, concentration, consumption, forward-moving, vitality. 

This dosha may become out of balance (vikruti) and one must return to their natural balance (prakriti).

This formula is for Pitta types or those who experience an excess of the Pitta dosha such as acne, inflamed skin, diarrhea, ulcers, and inflammation.


  • Ingredients:

Bhringraj Leaf Powder (Eclipta prostrata)--120 mg

Andrographis Herb Powder--100 mg

Chrysanthemum Flower Powder--100 mg

Cyperus Root Powder--100 mg

Sandalwood Root Powder--120 mg

Trivrit Root Powder (Operculina turpethum)--100 mg

Triphala Root Powder (consisting of amla fruit powder, bibhitaki fruit powder [Terminali bellirica], and haritaki fruit powder [Terminali chebula]--120 mg

Fennel Seed Powder--120 mg

Chinese Mint Leaf Powder--120 mg

PITTA: Inflammation Support






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