HEALING HERBS based on the ancient science of Ayurveda.



Vata types are prone to nervous system dysfunction, anxiety, inability to focus, overactive HPA axis, dry skin & joints, & constipation.


ASHWAGANDHA- for adaptogen support and physiological/cognitive stress support.

HOLY BASIL- for cognitive support, healthy focus & improved energy.

BRAHMI (BACOPA MONNIERI)- 'herb of grace' for improved memory & skin.

DEVADARU (DEODAR CEDAR)-  'wood of the gods' nervous system tonic & joint support.

KAPIKACCHU (MUCUNA PRURIENS)- healthy energy support & improving sexual vitality.

SESAME SEED- supports moisture of the skin & joints, hormonal support.

VIDANGA LEAF- supports dry vata digestion, skin support, sexual vitality support.

TRIPHALA- staple in Ayurveda for all doshas, antioxidant support, immune support.

FENNEL- nervous system support, digestive support by kindling digestive fire (agni).

TURMERIC- inflammation support, improve joint health.


"Vata" (sanskrit) वात The dosha associated with air and ether. Possesses the qualities of lightness, dryness, mobility, movement, intelligence, coolness, creativity, quickness, spaciousness, circulation. Issues may arise for vata types: chronic stress, mental fatigue, sleep dysfunction, dry skin, constipation, bloating, cracking joints.


VATA: Ayurvedic Supplement for Stress, Cognitive, Skin, Joint Support