"Vata" (sanskrit) वात

The dosha associated with air and ether. Posesses the qualities of lightness, dryness, mobility, movement, intelligence, coolness, creativity, quickness, spaciousness, circulation. 

This dosha may become out of balance (vikruti) and one must return to their natural balance (prakriti).

This formula is for Vata types or those who experience an excess of the Vata dosha.

  • Ingredients:

Ashwagandha Root Powder--100 mg

Holy Basil Leaf Powder--100 mg

Bacopa monnieri Leaf Powder--100 mg

Deodar Cedar Bark Powder-- 100 mg

Mucuna pruriens Powder--100 mg

Sesame Seed Powder--100 mg

Vidanga Leaf Powder--100 mg

Triphala Powder (consisting of amla fruit powder, bibhitaki fruit powder [Terminali bellirica], and haritaki fruit powder [Terminali chebula]--100 mg

Fennel Seed Powder--100 mg

Turmeric Root Powder--100 mg

VATA: formula for Vata type






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