Ayurveda: Key to a Vital Life

3 Reasons Why Ayurveda Isn’t Just a Health Trend

It seems like every week a new health trend emerges, promising to rid you of your biggest insecurities and ailments. Try this juice cleanse for clear skin! Watch the pounds fall off by eating keto desserts for a month! While some of these trends may be born of good intentions, many gain popularity not through effectiveness, scientific research, or even generational wisdom passed down through lifetimes of trial and error, but rather through good marketing strategy and the festering of our collective insecurities. Let’s be real—most health trends aim to make you ”more beautiful,” not more healthy. (I’m looking at you Ketogenic diet.)

Even more problematic is the speed at which these trends promise to fix such problems.

“Most health trends aim to make you ‘more beautiful,’ not more healthy.”

Ironically, these trends—which are presented as alternative, natural, DIY, and cheap—exhibit many of the same problems present in allopathic/western medicine. Too often, we leave our visits to the doctor feeling as though the real problem was unheard, our symptoms were oversimplified or dismissed, and we are given a quick-fix prescription to mask our most superficial symptoms. Similarly, the biggest health trends leave us unhealed at the root, ignore the complexity of our bodies, and make false promises to gain your following or your funds.

”Ayurveda is a way of life, not a quick-fix approach.“

So is Ayurveda yet another health trend? Why is Ayurveda unique from the trends?

1. Patience is Key

Ayurveda is a way of life, not a quick-fix approach. The word Ayurveda means “science of life,” reminding us that having a healthy and vital life is a life-long lifestyle which informs our decisions all along the way. When you get a cut, (one would hope) you clean and maybe bandage the cut, not because the cleaning and bandaging itself heals you, but doing so provides your body with the right conditions to heal itself. It encourages us to respect our body and its innate desire to find balance. It allows us to attain health through patience with the healing process and provides us with the right conditions to heal ourselves.

2. The Mind, Body & Spirit as One

Ayurveda approaches illness as an imbalance within the human being. This means the imbalance not only manifests in the physical body but also in the mind and spirit. The Ayurvedic approach to healing looks at a person's constitution, diet, lifestyle, psychological state, environment, and even the changes in season and climate to get a clear picture of the present imbalances. Your treatment then is unique as you are. You are a multi-layered, complex being. Bringing about balance takes a multi-layered, complex approach.

3. Environment

It is obvious that the way we interact with our environment and the earth is not in a spirit of reverence, respect, and honor. We view the planet as a blank canvas we can paint all over, a resource we can own and hoard. The earth is alive; our relationship to it is an abusive one. A beautiful aspect of Ayurveda is the attention to life and essence present in every plant, element, and season. To understand our health as being a part of the larger health of our environment would beckon us to change the relationship we have with our beautiful, living planet.

To Prevent & To Heal

For a Vital Life

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