Pitta: Getting to Know Your Dosha

Are you a Pitta type? If so, this is for you hottie. ;)

We are smack in the middle of Pitta season here in the US, meaning it is the hottest time of year and right around the time when pitta types can become imbalanced due to the excess heat.

In order to achieve balance of the doshas, it helps to understand what each of them are and how they manifest in the mind and body.

Okay, so what even is Pitta?

Pitta is the driving force of transformation in the body.

Associated with the elements fire and water, it's qualities are hot, quick, light, sharp, damp, and mobile.

This means your metabolism, energy output, digestive fire, general energy and drive in life all rely on Pitta energy.

So this is crazy important, right?

Too little Pitta can lead to weak digestion, food intolerance, low energy, lack of motivation, malabsorption of nutrients, and so much more.

On the flip side, too much pitta can lead to anger, frustration, diarrhea, acne and inflammatory skin issues, general inflammation in the body, and the list goes on.

So what can you do to help balance your Pitta energy?

1. The first step is to recognize if you are Pitta dominant (Pitta Prakriti). This is the easiest part, because I've made a quiz so you can figure out exactly what your dosha constitution is. It's quick, easy, and there are no wrong answers. Take the quiz here!

2. If you are a Pitta type, it is easy to develop an excess of pitta, but never fear. Ayurveda has outlined a ton of ways to get back in balance! Some of which are to practice slowing down, cooling and soothing the body's inflammation through diet and lifestyle choices. (Lookout alert!!! Watch out for future blogs, because I will be dropping some everyday tips for balancing your dosha type.)

3. A simple and easy way to support Pitta balance is through the power of Ayurvedic herbs. I have created a formula especially for you hotties out there who need some extra support at keeping the heat at bay. It has calming and cooling herbs like Sandalwood, Bhringraj, and Chrysanthemum. Check it out now!


Anna 🕉

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